Donau Heritage

Donau Heritage - the Lino-cut Collection

As a tiny kid I was introduced to Balkan music and folk dancing by my mum. My sisters and I danced through the living room to her Hungarian compilation tapes, recorded for the dance classes she used to teach.

We enjoyed the ‘Doe Dans Festival’ once. A Dutch festival programmed with Balkan music and dance shows. Full of excitement we fell in love with the bright and bold coloured skirts that could twirl like we never saw before. This collection is based on that memory. Rich in colour and brimming with folk heritage.

The collection was designed using lino-cut motifs which were scanned, cleaned and digitally assembled. This gives the collection a hand made quality with a very real texture.
All of the repeats are in vector and designed in no more than five colors.

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Donau Heritage

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