Below you will find a preview of my latest designs. These dessins were designed in three collections, Donau Heritage, Mystic and Fresh Pick.
Interested in licensing one of my patterns for your products? Feel free to contact me or request one of the collection packs.

Fresh Pick

This collection is an ode to the infinite cycle of sowing, growing and harvesting. Resulting in a fresh pick that can be brought home. Bright and saturated colors were used to create some contrasting colorways.

Donau Heritage // work in progress :)

lino cut

As tiny kids my sisters and I danced through the living room to the Hungarian compilation tapes our Mum recorded for the dance classes she used to teach. This collection is based on that memory. Rich in color and brimming with folk heritage.

Mystic // work in progress :)

Inspired by the mystic and mesmerizing novels by Moebius. A collection of 'read between the lines' artifacts drawn and assembled digitally. The dessins are executed in a more toned down color palette.

I'd love to get in touch with you! Do contact me to request one of my collections packs, or more information about my licencing options.